Handmade Wood Sunglsses

Wear a work of art.

Why wear handmade wooden sunglasses?

Our clients appreciate the beauty of natural wood and art.  Our sunglasses are hand crafted from the finest woods in the world.  We offer many styles for both men and women. Different woods have special properties such as their color, and feel.  We use only the best figured woods which means the most beautiful final piece. Figured wood is the result of wind and weather, or other factors that cause trees to form unusual patterns of wood.  Figured wood has a beautiful chatoyance and shines like a jewel.

We don't cut down live trees, all our wood is re-purposed and we spend hours sourcing highly figured wood for our eyewear. Many of our clients choose Figs handcrafted wooden eyewear because their skin reacts to acetate based mass-produced frames.